Baring It All on Men’s Underwear Styles

7The men’s underwear industry has taken great strides up to where it is today. Dating back to hundreds of years ago when Egyptian Pharaohs wore loincloths, Scotsmen officially wore kilts and up to the invention of the first practical men’s underwear, the codpiece. Arguably one of the biggest contributors in this field is Arthur Kheibler, who in 1934 created “Jockey Shorts”. Later on in the ’70s and ’80s fashion designers took on the task to further develop men’s underwear. Not many “ground breaking” innovations have been realized since then however, other features have been included to make men’s underwear more comfortable and stylish e.g. fast-drying fabrics, waist adjustable waistbands and so on. Comfort is extremely important when it comes to underwear and should therefore be highly considered. Some of the most common styles on men’s underwear include; briefs, boxer shorts, boxer briefs, trunks and jockstraps

Types of Men’s Underwear Styles

Briefs are characterized by their elastic waistband, minimal coverage and no-leg. They are also referred to as jockey shorts or Y-Fronts due to their distinct appearance. Briefs have enough fabric material to cover a male’s bulge and buttocks. Briefs give an elongated leg impression and are ideal for skinny jeans, sporting activities and when sitting for long hours. On the downside briefs look old fashioned and may draw too much attention to portly figures. Some of its variations are low-cut, mid-cut and high-rise briefs.

Boxer shorts are characterized by having a baggy leg, elastic waist and more breathability than any other men’s undergarment. They come with straight leg openings and a button fly or open fly. Boxer shorts have become very popular over the years mainly due to the comfort they deliver. They are loose, airy and perfect for sleeping. However, due to too much fabric they are impractical to wear with trim cut pants or skinny jeans and they may not offer enough support for physical activities. recommends Boxer briefs. Boxer briefs seek to offer the best of both worlds i.e. a hybrid of boxer shorts and briefs. We get the boxer shorts’ long leg and the supportive tight fitting prevalent in briefs. Boxer briefs tend to be more visually appealing and stylish while still ensuring modesty and comfort. On the other hand, trunks are square-cut boxer briefs with short legs.

Jockstraps are precisely designed to cup the male genitals so as to restrict their motion during sporting activities. It features three tight elastic parts?one under the buttocks and another two around the waist. The elastic bands connect to a pouch while leaving the buttocks exposed. Apart from sport, a jockstrap may be ideal for spicing the foreplay and also for men who sweat excessively. For the hikers and campers among us, a jockstrap is perfect for reducing the friction when carrying out such activities.

Other types of men’s underwear include thongs, bikinis and even G-strings. Generally this category is for those of us who want to make a bold statement and a plus is there’s no bunching with this type


The main factors we should look out for when shopping for men’s underwear includes; comfort, longevity, underwear material and underwear colors. The underwear material has a great deal of impact on the comfort, quality and longevity of the underwear. Cotton is a very common underwear material mainly because it is breathable, easy to launder, absorbent and widely available. When choosing the color or pattern to go with, always go for solid tones that are closest to your skin tone. Notably, solid white underwear is a safe bet followed closely by nude-wear.

Comfort, comfort, comfort cannot be emphasized enough when buying underwear. It will be considered by the material, the pouch, the cut, the quality as well as the position of the seams.

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